Junior League

Junior League introduces players into a competitive matches.

Players meet twice per month Fridays for  singles, and Sundays for levels and mixed doubles games against a variety of different opponents. Each players total points will provide them with score for each discipline and session that get added together to provide a league winner for each year.

Singles League entry 2020

Junior Doubles League Entry 2020-21


Singles                                                               Levels

Fri 2nd October                                               Sun 25th October

Fri 6th November                                           Sun 29th November

Fri 4th December                                            Sun 31st January

Fri 8th January                                                Sun 28th February  

Fri 5th February                                             Sun 28th March

Fri 5th March                                                   Sun 25th April

£50 per season (All 7 Sessions) or £8 Per Session Cost is per discipline (singles/levels)


Paulo Pinheiro (Development Officer)



League Results.

 Junior Singles League games_results 060621

Junior Singles League070521

Junior doublesLeague 020521

Copy of Doubles Junior League

Junior Singles League games_results

Junior Singles results 121120