Junior League

Junior League introduces players into a competitive matches.

Players meet once per month and play a mixture of singles, levels and mixed doubles games against a variety of different opponents. Each players total points will provide them with score for each discipline and session that get added together to provide a league winner for each year.

Junior League Entry 2018


Wednesdays        4.00-6.00

Session 1 – 19th September

Session 2 – 24th October

Session 3 – 21st November

Session 4 – 12th December

Session 5 – 16th January

Session 6 – 13th February

Session 7 – 13th March

Session 8 – 10th April


£50 per season (All 8 Sessions) or £8 Per Session


Matt Haynes – Development@badminton.org.gg

07781 160303