Junior Awards Scheme

The Junior Awards Scheme will continue to be run this season, there is a total of 5 achievement levels for junior players to work towards.

The aim of this Awards Scheme is to provide a structured programme for the junior players to work towards while also learning more about badminton techniques, footwork and rules.


The award schemes will be run within the junior club and squad set up and assessments will take place as and when the coaches believe players are at the required level to be assessed.

Award Levels

  1. Split Step, Basic Grip, Thumb Grip, Forehand Serve, Backhand Serve & Overheads.
  1. Chassis, Lunge, Stroke Cycle, Grip Force, Grip Length, Forehand Serve, Backhand Serve, Overheads, Singles Court, Singles Scoring, Areas of the Court.
  1. Running Step, Cross Over Step, Grip Ranges, Overhead Clear, Overhead Drop, Forehand Net Shot, Backhand Net Shot, Doubles Court, Scoring Doubles, Lines of the Court.
  1. Scissor Kicks, Jumps, Overhead Clear, Overhead Drop, Forehand Lift, Backhand Lift, Faults, Doubles Positioning.
  2. Overhead Smash, Backhand Drop, Drives, Singles Positioning, Doubles Positioning, Court Awareness.