Guernsey Badminton currently run a Level Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Singles league for all club players affiliated to the GBA. As of August 2017, the structure of the leagues has changed. The season is now split into two “seasons” (Autumn & Winter) with promotion and relegation taking place after the Autumn season. All entrants to the leagues are representing their clubs and details of the fixtures and rules are available on the GBA Leagues.

Guernsey also has a team representing the island in the County Championships and stages a number of county level matches throughout the season –for more information see the Representing Guernsey page.

The annual Guernsey Open tournament is held over the Easter weekend; it has a senior and veterans section and is open to any registered Badminton England player and is part of the English Circuit. The Guernsey Senior Silver and the Guernsey Masters Bronze will be held on the 6th  to the 8th  April 2023  and entry forms will be available soon. In addition to the Open, Guernsey has two restricted tournaments, the annual Senior Closed and the Handicap tournament. For more information on the Open, and all our tournaments, please see our Tournaments page.

Under 18’s in Guernsey also have the opportunity to compete against others their age through participating in the Guernsey Junior Closed & Junior Open which are open to players of all junior age groups. For more information on junior competitions please visit the Juniors section of the website.