A number of clubs play at the Rohais Badminton Halls.  Please go to the clubs section to find contact details for those clubs.

There is a public telephone, number 725067 and an answerphone booking and information line, number 710728.  You can also email questions to info@badminton.org.gg

The playing surface is a wooden semi-sprung floor, purpose built for badminton.  Changing rooms and shower facilities are available.

There is a cafeteria, which is opened during club sessions and at events, where hot and cold drinks and light refreshments and be purchased.  Vending machines containing drinks, confectionary and shuttles are also on site.

The Association holds a private club licence, and the bar is open during permitted licensing hours.

The halls can be used on a pay as you play basis using the court meters, or they can be booked in advance using the booking form below:

GBA-Court-Booking-Form (10)

If you wish to use the courts on a pay as you play basis, you will need to apply for a swipe card so you can access the halls at any time.  The cost of court hire is currently £12 per hour.  You pay for the courts by feeding £2, £1, 50p or 20p coins into a meter.  Each court has its own meter.  Rackets are not available to hire, but shuttles can be purchased from the vending machine.  To apply for a swipe card please complete and return the form below.

Swipe Card Reg Form