About Paulo, Development Officer


My name is Paulo Pinheiro and since the beginning of this month, I’ve been the new Development Officer in the Guernsey Badminton Association. Some of you I already had the pleasure of meeting with, others I hope to meet in the near future but for all, I want to work with the best of my abilities to do what my job description says and develop further Badminton here in Guernsey. Me and my wife Vanessa are happily getting used to Guernsey and loving it, not just the beautiful island that it is, but also all the people that we have met that have been amazing. This feeling makes me want to give even more of myself to this project which I find fascinating.

To reach the GBA’s goals and to grow the organisation, I ask for the cooperation of everybody. If you have an idea, a plan or something that you think will help the present and the future of Badminton in Guernsey, you are always welcome to come to me and chat about it. I have an open door policy, if you see me at the Badminton Halls and I’m not coaching or having a meeting, please feel free to sit down and speak to me.

To clarify a bit of my resume, I’ve been constantly coaching badminton since 2011, first in Portugal through to the end of 2016 and then from January 2017 to October 2019 in the Faroe Islands. In all these years, I’ve coached people from 4 years old until people much older than myself. I’ve trained able body persons and persons with mental and motor disabilities.

I haven’t been just a coach though. I’ve been a tutor too of various courses in Portugal and Faroe Islands and I’ve been a school teacher in PE. As a coach, my athletes have won lots of championships, including a bronze medal this year for a 14 year old male in the Special Olympics in unified mens doubles events and putting a 14 year old female wheelchair athlete this year into the Para-Badminton World Championships. Having started to play badminton only 2 years ago she is now number 20 in the world rankings in singles. These titles didn’t come from a vision that only winning matters. It comes from my own pathway where I use badminton as a learning experience for my players. Tournament results are not that important and in trying to take that pressure off the athletes, they perform better and improved results follow. I want to be remembered by my athletes in the future, not as the coach with whom they won the biggest trophies, but as the coach that helped them to grow as a person.